Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey All! It has been an exciting month here. With the upcoming high school graduation for Kaylie, and all of the planning that goes with college acceptance, it has been pretty hectic! Kaylie graduated from the Navy Sea Cadets this past Sunday. The pictures here represent that. It was a tearful, happy experience for me.

Jayson and Kevin are all done with school, except for some reason I think Jayson has to go back for one more test on the 22nd of June. I have not had to wake up any kiddo's for school at all this week and let me tell you, it has been wonderful!! Kevin has already been up at Grandpa Keith's house since Sunday evening. He says we are mean, and he lives there now. Guess that teaches me for making him help clean the house! Jayson has his cousin Marshal over and a friend Travis. They are outside riding bikes and hanging out until after midnight most nights. So, it's just me and Billy here. Bet your asking where Kaylie is...Who knows!! She is either at Nate's shopping or Candice's or shopping or working or at the beach or out playing volleyball(she is on a league on Monday evenings) or shopping or getting her nails done or shopping............See a common thread here?! LOL!!

Thats about all that is going on here, hope to see you all soon!

Love and Hugs!


Friday, March 11, 2011

It's been a while since I updated, so here goes.

I called in sick to work today. Not feeling so well-May have a touch of a stomach bug? Thought about going to work, and decided that, no, I don't call in a lot, so I will take the day off.

Sitting here reading about the Tsunami in Japan. Feel really badly for them. Cannot even imagine what they are going through. Thoughts and prayers are with them.

Well, today the creek is up to the top of the bank. I am a little nervous that it will come over and water will come into the house. Poppy now lives downstairs. We are upstairs. That does not seem to decrease my anxiety over water coming in, though. We lived downstairs for years, and lived through many floods. At one point, the water was up to my thighs, and running in the back door, through the house and out the front door. The creek is behind the house, and normally is ankle deep. But, with all the snow melting and running down the mountain on the other side of the creek, it is rising fast! It sounds like a freight train coming, but it is just the water running fast down through.

Kaylie is almost done with high school and has been accepted to Morrisville State College and to Onondaga Community College. She has applied to SUNY Plattsburgh and Albany as well, but has not heard from them as of yet. She is excited to get on with the next adventure in her life! Somehow she seems to think that 18 is the magic number when you don't have to listen to your parents any longer. We keep trying to tell her that she still has years to listen to us and that she should be thankful that we care so much! Ahhh, the life of a teenager, with no worries.

Jayson is doing good in school. I thank God every day that he is enjoying this school. I had pulled him out of the local school and enrolled him in the BOCES program. He is in his 3rd year there, and really likes it.

Kevin is also doing good. He seems to like his school, but dreads the long bus ride everyday twice a day. He gets bussed to LaFayette, then takes another bus to Cortland to his school. It is a long ride, but so worth it for him to have the education he deserves. At least once a week, he says he wants to go back to his old school. When I ask him why, he says it is because of the bus ride.

Nothing special going on here. It's just another day in the neighborhood, except for the creek being so high. I am thinking a nap is in order. Hope you all have a good day!