Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey All!

It's been a busy couple of months! The kids are back to school, Kaylie is a senior, Jayson is a freshman, and Kevin is in the 7th grade. It is hard juggling them all, as they go to three different schools. Not sure how I am going to split myself into two, when Kaylie and Kevin have games on the same days at different schools. Kaylie will be starting volleyball soon, tryouts are next week, and Kevin is currently playing modified basketball. He had his first scrimmage this past Saturday, and he made a couple of baskets. He is pretty good at this sport, if I do say so myself!

Jayson chooses not to play sports, he is more of a homebody than the other two. If there is something to join, Kaylie and Kevin are all over it, where Jayson would rather come home after school and go hunting or ride his bike.

I ran away from home Friday night. Went up and saw Jennie for a bit, and then traveled over to my father's house to see what was up. Julie was there, and finangled me into helping her cut up a bunch of garlic, as she was cooking two pigs that night to donate for a benefit to help out someone she works with that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. So we sat there for about an hour cutting up garlic. That stuff is STICKY! After that, she told me to get my coat on, so I did, and off to Walmart we went. Apparently she had bought pepper for the spices to go on the pigs, but left it in the house. When she went outside, Jay grabbed the pepper and promptly filled up all the pepper shakers in the house with it. So, we had to go and get some more. Julie and I both thought that was kind of funny! While I was at Walmart with her, I decided to pick up the meat for groceries for the week. So it worked out good that I had stopped over at Dad's to visit.

Hunting season (for guns) starts down here on Saturday, November 20. Forgive me for this, but I am so sick of hearing about hunting, that I could hurl. Both boys and my husband are going hunting this year. Kevin has a basketball game at 9 a.m. on Saturday, so I will take him to catch up with the other two after it is over. I hope and pray that they all three get a deer on opening morning, so they will be happy!! But, then there is the downside to that too....That will be all they talk about afterwards...........Insert BIG SIGH here.

I remember as a kid, when Uncle Fred and Donnie were down one year for opening day. They got a deer, and Fred cooked up the liver and dared me to eat some. Never being one to back away from a dare, I did it! I ate every piece of liver on my plate, with a swig of grape juice with each and every bite I took. I think there was more grape juice than meat in my mouth. He laughed at me the whole time I was eating, and I was never so happy to finish a meal as I was that one!!! I miss Uncle Fred. He was such a character, always smiling and happy.

As always, I will put a picture on here. This is my girlfriend Sammicat. She is the only one in the house who doesn't talk back, or make a mess. She loves to see me coming, and always has a kiss for me. She is pretty good at smiling too, sometimes she gives smiles with an open mouth. She is quite a unique cat.